Monday, April 4, 2011

Ask God

Luke 10:38-11:13

“You don’t have because you don’t ask! Ask and it will be given to you. Do you want that new car, the bigger house, a raise? Have you asked God? Ask and it will be given to you!”

The fancy preacher with the Hollywood smile continued on explaining how a prayer life of asking God for what I want in life was the key to my success. Part of me started dreaming about a new Dodge Charger or winning PowerBall. Then I started thinking of God as a parent who doesn’t have time to spend with me, so He gives me things I want to make up for it.

Is God really a rich Dad wanting to buy our love? When Jesus says that we will be given what we ask for, what is He talking about? He had just finished teaching the disciples how to pray. I don’t believe Jesus meant them to repeat that exact prayer, but to understand the elements that made up the prayer. He follows it up with a couple of scenarios the disciples could understand to build their faith that God would listen when they prayed and would respond to take care of them. Just like a father who gives his son a fish or an egg, not a snake or a scorpion when he asks for food.

Father God, we want to know You as a Father who loves us and takes care of us. We want to know that You hear our prayers and respond to us. Not in a way to buy our love by giving us whatever we think we want. We want You to be a Father who knows us intimately and gives us what will grow the love between us, not just what satisfies our lust for today. Amen.

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