Monday, February 21, 2011

Please, Heal My Baby Girl

Mark 5:21-43

“Please, Rabbi,” Jairus begged. “My daughter is dying. If only You will touch her, she will live.” He was desperate and Jesus readily agreed to see the daughter. While he was the local synagogue ruler, he wasn’t one of those self-important Scribes or Pharisees. At this point, neither money nor position mattered to him. His daughter filled his mind.

When Jesus stopped to ask who touched Him, Jairus was wringing his hands, trying to be patient while trying to encourage Jesus to hurry. Then came some men with a message: she has died. Shocked and dismayed, Jairus thanks Jesus informing Him of the news. But Jesus isn’t deterred. Nor does He seem to see death as a problem. In fact, all He did was take her hand, tell her to get up, and she was up and walking around as though she had only been napping.

What went through Jairus’ and his wife’s minds? They knew she was dead, otherwise they would not have sent for the professional mourners. Regardless of who argued otherwise, Jesus brought their little girl back from the dead—a gift no one other than God could have given.

Lord Jesus, thank You for rescuing us from death and it’s relentless grasp. Thank You for showing us that You really do have power over death. Continue to grow our faith in You, Your power, and Your desire to use that power to bring us closer to You. Amen.

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